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Kelly Maree settled back in Brisbane, Australia with her husband after 10 years travelling around the world, working as a diving instructor and photographer.

Life was turned upside down when the couple’s twin ‘surprises’ were born prematurely at 24 weeks on Christmas eve of 2015. Unfortunately little Oli passed on New Year’s Day 2016. All the books are dedicated to the loving memory of Oli and all the little angels that didn’t make it, and a percentage of the books sales donated to the RBWH and Precious Wings Foundations to help support bereaved families and premature babies, making this project extremely personal for Kelly.

Kelly threw herself into her removals business and settled on being a mother and business owner, pushing her writing and photography career into the background.

With her ever growing love for her little boy, Kelly decided to create a legacy for Oskar and Oli, and Oskar’s Adventures was born.

Her passion for writing and creating poetic adventures for children to enjoy is apparent from the first few pages of any of her three books. She would love to see her books in every child’s collection in Australia and the adventure series to reach every corner of the globe.

The first three books of Oskar’s Adventures are Oskar and the Bear, Oskar and the Moon Rocks and Oskar and the Storm. Kelly Maree is working on the next books in the series, aiming for around 20 books to complete the set.

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