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In the very lonely town, there lived a very lonely child
Who only ever dreamed about the forest and the wild.

Kelly Maree Blog

The Six Steps of Success for Book Marketing

The Six Steps of Success for Book Marketing

Number 1 – Trust Yourself One of the first things that was given to me in my book marketing mentoring program with Ocean Reeve Publishing was a document containing the six steps of success for book marketing. I printed it immediately and stuck it on my wall. It has...

Life in the NICU

Life in the NICU

I kept a diary in the hospital when the twins were born, gifted to me by Yasminah's Gift of Hope (www.ygoh.org.au), so I want to share with you what life in the NICU was like at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH), something I haven't shared with anyone...

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