The Oskar’s Adventures Series books are delighting rhyming stories perfect for little ones. Kelly Maree has done a fantastic job creating a trilogy of children’s books that are fun, with a great underlying message that kids will understand.

The words have been carefully chosen for maximum impact. They are words with significant meaning, and they allow readers to think and reflect as well as giving audiences space and time to explore the illustrations in detail. Working with children I understand the need for creative stories to take them on magical adventures and Kelly Maree’s stories do just that.

Dr. Margaret Para

Townsville University Hospital

Oskar and the Bear is an absolutely adorable book.  From a teacher’s standpoint, for the youngest of readers there’s a lot of great rhyming schemes that help a child develop phonological awareness, for early readers the repetitive nature makes it easy for them to follow along and develop their reading skills.
Kelly Maree has written a story with a strong message about friendship and bravery. I know both parents and teachers adore books that teach our kids about important life lessons.

Brooke Nenadal

3rd Grade Teacher - (M.Ed.) Elementary Education and (M.Ed.) Special Education

The Oskar’s Adventures Series are a trilogy of delightful rhyming reads that children will adore.

I am looking forward to working with Kelly Maree in the future.

With the help of the books we will raise much needed funds to support bereaved families, a cause so close to both our hearts.

Kerry Gordon

CEO, Precious Wings Foundation

Oskar and the Bear is a charming story, showing that first impressions can be deceptive and shouldn’t be relied upon. Kelly Maree has created an optimistic story that’s beautifully written and illustrated. The gentle rhythmic language would be perfect both for bedtime reading and for young readers.

L. Krippner

Fuctional Health Coach - UK,

Author Kelly Maree has written a beautiful children’s book. 
Oskar and the Bear is written in rhyme with messages of kindness, friendship, love.
It also teaches us not to make assumptions about others but instead reach out to them.
Jacqui Preugschat

Author - Tessa's Books of Elegance,

Oskar and the Bear is wonderful rhyming read.  Kelly Maree should be very proud of her work, it’s just simply a gorgeous book.

Leanne Tennant

Professional Musician and mum of two,

I am very impressed with the delightful trilogy of “Oskar’ books written by Kelly Maree.
Each story holds a special message for the reader;
Managing a fear of storms and how to feel safe;
Dealing with loneliness and how to find a friend;
Collecting moon rocks and the magic of the moon;.
The lilting rhythm of the lines will lull any little person to sleep!
I can recommend these beautifully illustrated books to everybody.
They are written from the heart by a gifted children’s author.
I’m looking forward to the continuation of the Oskar stories.
Congratulations Kelly Maree.

Jenny Old


Kelly Maree’s stories confront children’s fears about the big mysteries- from loneliness to thunderstorms- in an accessible and charming way, reaffirming all the while the importance and constancy of the support they receive from their family unit as they explore the big people’s world.

Oskar interacts with characters like the bear that relate to him as a peer or receives advice from his parents that is frank and honest and helps him to put new things into perspective. The use of verse is very effective and Kelly Maree takes the opportunity to coyly expand vocabulary as the stories are told. These books fill a clear gap in the teaching tools for parents and care givers.

Stephen E. Jones (BA (UQ) LLB Hons. (UQ) LLM (QUT))

Consultant Lawyer - Arbitrator - Mediator

As a retired school teacher of some thirty two years, l have read and used many children’s picture story books as educational tools and to foster a love of literature and enjoyment of reading.
Kelly Maree’s ‘Oskar Adventure Series’ are a delightful collection of stories for young children. These books examine the sensitive and important topics of friendship, pride, fear, safety and love – all through the eyes of the main character ‘Oskar’, a curious and loveable little boy.
Oskar’s Adventure Series of children’s books are beautifully illustrated by Maria Hecher and written with compassion and empathy by Kelly Maree. These books would be a valuable asset to any school library or personal child’s collection.

Margy Jackson

Teacher and Author

‘It is a great pleasure to have Kelly Maree’s titles under the Ocean Reeve Publishing brand. All three are family-focused and fun stories that children will love with vibrant full-page illustrations. Oskar’s adventures are captivating and will no doubt be a regular read for little eyes. Even more admirable is the drive behind Kelly’s creative expression. A true inspiration and natural storyteller, this author is one to watch.’

Ocean Reeve

Managing Director - Ocean Reeve Publishing,

I have had the privilege of reading all three books in the Oskar’s Adventures Series. The books are a delight to read, with beautifully flowing rhyming stories and important messages that are paramount to children at a developing stage in their life.

From an educator’s perspective, the benefits of using these books in the classroom or at home bring forward the importance of literacy in such a playful way.

I have no hesitations in recommending this series for your collection, your children will adore them as will the children at Sparrow Early Learning Mount Samson. Each book is a complete adventure that the children beg for more.

Dee McCann - Service Manager

Sparrow Early Learning Mount Samson

The Oskar’s Adventures books are adorable stories that not only touch on important issues for children but are also a very enjoyable read for adults and children alike.

The RBWH Foundation is extremely grateful for Kelly Maree’s support.

The Foundation relies on donations from the community to help fund vital medical and clinical research, and to provide additional funding to support world-leading patient care.

Simone Garske

RBWH Foundation CEO,

Kelly Maree has captured the reader by creating rhyming lessons to teach children, lessons that we try to teach our little ones as they grow and ask important life questions about themselves and their surrounding world.

I had the privilege of reading all three stories in the series and as a parent myself, I could not recommend these books highly enough, to parents, grandparents and educators.

I am very proud of Kelly Maree and her beautiful imaginative mind to come up with this masterpiece of Oskar’s Adventures Series.

Jane Gorka

Cafe Manager and Mother of One

I loved Oskar and the Bear.  It’s a delightful story, with a lovely theme and amazing illustrations!  I look forward to Kelly Maree’s next book.

Steve Semmens (BCom, BBus - Hons)

Director - The Persuader,

Oskar and the Bear is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book from start to finish. There are a myriad of teachable lessons throughout the book and children will relate not only to the main character Oskar but also to his new found friend. The story teaches compassion, kindness and most of all the power of friendship. Loved it! I want to sample more books by this fine author, kudos to Kelly Maree.

Penelope Lagos


Oskar and the Bear is a great read and the illustrations are fabulous. Kelly Maree has done an amazing job creating a children’s book, that captures the children’s attention from the very first page! I really hope there are more children’s books to follow.
D. Passfield

QLD State Manager, Reach Local