Number 1 – Trust Yourself

One of the first things that was given to me in my book marketing mentoring program with Ocean Reeve Publishing was a document containing the six steps of success for successful book marketing. I printed it immediately and stuck it on my wall. It has become my mantra.  My daily reflection of the most important things to focus on when tackling the seemingly enormous task of marketing my own books.

I want to share what these six steps mean to me, and how I have incorporated them into my book marketing journey. I also want to share some insights into what might come naturally to me, that some people might struggle with, and have asked a few of my author buddies to share their insights too.

Trust Yourself

It sounds easy right? But when it comes to the crunch, a lot of people doubt themselves over the simplest things. How often have you heard ‘go with your gut’, ‘believe in yourself’ or ‘you know what to do, it’s your journey’?

This very simple thing can assure you of successful book marketing. Your confidence and belief in your books and yourself is paramount to creating excitement and portray that ‘must have’ feeling to others. If you don’t believe in your book, then others won’t either.

It’s not difficult for me on the writing side of things, through the entire author journey so far, the ‘trust yourself’ concept has been an easy one to understand. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, then write down your why and put it somewhere you can see every day. Don’t listen to the voices in your head that scream ‘this won’t work’, or call you a failure. Listen to your heart, remember your goals and your WHY.  These things will drive you, keep you motivated, and push you to your end result.

On the life side of things it’s a completely different story. I have been struggling over the years with PTSD from losing my son and spending 133 days in the hospital with his twin brother, trying to get him well enough to come home. A tragedy such as this can cause extreme self doubt.  This is no doing of your own, so I have now come to understand when my author self comes head to head with my anxious self. It’s like I’m two different people!

In my author space I’m totally focused on my journey, there’s no stopping me! I’m driven, motivated, I trust myself and my vision 110%.  Without a doubt in my mind.

In walks Negative Nancy, PTSD, Self Doubty McDoubtus, and throws everything out the window. As much as I try to curb her nonsense, it’s not an easy task.  I’ve had to make some very serious changes in my life in order to keep that monster at bay.

Make Important Changes in Your Life

  • Take time for yourself – Self care is so important when tackling a project such as self publishing. The journey is long, it is all kinds of rewarding, but there are ups and downs, successes and failures, use your time wisely, follow your action plan, take time out for your family, and for you.
  • Keep writing – it’s your joy and inspiration, it’s why you’re on this journey to begin with. I set an hour a day aside to work on my next projects, which keeps me focused and keeps my negative self in check, if things aren’t quite going the way I had planned, I write and feel the strength and positivity again.
  • Know your triggers – Emotions and severe anxiety can be caused by many things, knowing what the things are that trigger these reactions has to be clear in your mind, so that you can immediately stop what you are doing and reassess, refocus, and move to a safer space.
  • Keep moving forward, but not too fast! Spending too much time in the past and the future is stopping your process in the now.  Take one step at a time, concentrate on the task at hand, give it your all to get the best outcome.
  • Trust in others – tell the people closest to you and the people you’re working with what you’re going through. Let them know your evil twin might make an appearance and what you need from them at that time.  It will be one of the best things you can do in a time of emotional turmoil, saying how you feel and hearing an understanding response to your fears.
  • Trust yourself – it’s what this post is all about!  It’s what YOU are all about, what your BOOK is all about. Even if you have to separate your author self from your other self, at least you know that your author journey will be the best that it can be.

Questions Posed to ORP Authors

  1. Does trusting yourself come easily to you?
  2. What does ‘trusting yourself’ mean to you on your author journey?
  3. If yes, what guidance would you give to others that don’t find this easy? OR
  4. If no, how are you managing this step in your author journey? Strategies/resources to help others?

Karyn Webber –

Trusting myself is something that has become a lot easier to me as I get more life experience

Trusting myself in my journey of becoming an author and in my hairdressing career is my instinct and my ability to find great people who know their stuff I can then freely allow these people to help bring the best out in myself which ripples out these people I trust, have the natural skills and life experiences and professional advice

I would encourage everyone to believe in their own instincts and logic and hearts and let those around them who they instinctively trust to guide them so we all get stronger and grow together in the most beautiful kind way making our life and much more happier healthier and wealthier success.

I trust myself to make the right calls at each time.

Rhonda Dixon –

I’m the only person I can trust regarding anything I do with my literary career. Why? Because I have to make it happen. Of course I can pay others to do the necessary things like editing, formatting, illustrating, cover design, publishing etc. But I’ve got to make those happen. Yes, trusting myself comes easy to me because I want to achieve in this life. I want to leave a legacy for those I leave behind. I trust in my talent as a writer.

Tom Stodulka –

Trust of self is sometimes difficult to get one’s head around. For me, I love what others bring to the mix & like with an artist’s palette I have gained the confidence to trust the final result will not be the Mona Lisa or a Michelangelo sculpture, but enough to receive gracious, generous & kind comments from a wide cross section of readers around the world.

Thanks to family, Linda Henderson, Ocean Reeve & the ORP team, Dave Fox, Jen Compton & so many more. Thx to you all.

Jean Peel –

I’m a Pisces, born on 19th March. I’m a true egoist. I took Ocean’s words seriously. I am in total control – right or wrong. I trust my instincts and to hell with PC when it comes to writing. But when it comes to the successful book marketing side of things, I have to trust ORP because I’m totally out of my depths. But I’m still here. Still putting one foot in front of the other. My advice? Never give up, never give in! Believe in yourself.

Merylena Mendoza –

Trusting myself has been a lifelong journey to know that I truly can be who I am and love everything about me. It takes courage to trust yourself as your vision may sometimes be different to what others see.

Through my author journey so far, I have discovered a new found strength to believe in my awareness & follow my path, while being grateful for each moment at the same time. As a children’s book author I wish to leave my legacy for my son to follow his dreams.  No matter how crazy they may seem to others and to inspire children around the globe to “have a voice”. Thanks to the team at ORP and all the fabulous authors here,

I truly know I’ve found my tribe to support me in my adventure. My advice to new authors, just do it & know that you can. Your tribe will find you and be there cheering you on the whole way.

Marieka Easterley

I’ve had to learn how to deal with lots of frustration and deep-seated anger triggered through experiences in the education arena – asking ‘what’s best and what’s next?’ and then trusting the guiding intuitions that form has become my way forward even if that means taking a power-nap in the day…

Sean Eales

Self-trust is not a thing I have thought of.

If you have self-discipline, why would you need trust? Can a person betray themselves?

One man asked another, ‘Can I trust you?’ The reply is said to have been, ‘If you cannot trust me, what good is my assurance you can?’

Self-discipline and accepting some days you will slip.

See the next post of The Six Steps of Success for Successful Book Marketing – Break the Rules, doesn’t that sound like fun!

See you next time!

Kelly Maree Author.